Lib Dems further target the young family vote with plan to extend free childcare

Following news earlier this week that the Lib Dems would pledge in the party’s General Election manifesto to extend the free school meals policy to all primary school pupils over the course of the next parliament, The Guardian has today reported that the party will also promote 15 hours a week of free childcare for two year old in the General Election manifesto.

Over the course of this Parliament, the Government has expanded free childcare to all three- and four-year olds and all two year olds from poorer homes, with 40% of parents with two year olds currently eligible for free childcare.  The £800 million pledge would be paid for in part by scrapping the Conservative Party’s plans to introduce a tax break for some married couples. According to The Guardian, the Lib Dem’s long-term ambition is to deliver the equivalent of 20 free hours to all children between the ages of two and four years, and to all children between the ages of nine and 24 months where both parents work.