Care Minister calls for £50 fine for drunk A&E attendees

Liberal Democrat Care Minister Norman Lamb has called for drunk people who abuse A&E staff to be given an on-the-spot £50 fine as they are putting a “huge burden” on hospitals, according to The Daily Mail. Lamb went further to say that “it can be like a war zone there late on a Friday night. If someone is drunk and abusive they have to feel there are some consequences to that.” NHS staff would, however, have to use the power sparingly, and not fine people who are alcoholics seeking treatment, or people with mental health problems.

In a further election manifesto pledge, The Guardian has reported that the Lib Dems will seek to expand sex education in schools, arguing that “age-appropriate” sex education should be taught from the age of seven.  Under the plan, academies and free schools would also have to teach sex and relationship education, which is only currently mandatory in council-run secondary schools.