Public sector gender pay gap ‘more than £6,000’

Public Finance reports that new figures show that female bosses working in the public sector are still only earning three-quarters the salary of their male counterparts. The data, published by the Chartered Management Institute and salary specialists XpertHR, shows the current gender pay gap for the sector’s managers stands at £6,490, with the average salary recorded as £36,050 for men and £29,560 for women. It shows that female managers are earning only three-quarters (77 per cent) of what men in full-time comparable jobs earn – a 23 per cent gender pay gap.

The National Management Salary Survey, which covers over 30,000 professional workers in the public sector and 68,000 across the UK, shows the gap is widest between men and women aged between 45 and 60 at £16,680 per year. The survey also shows a persistent ‘bonus pay gap’. The average bonus for a female manager in the public sector stands at £1,333, while for male managers the average payout is £1,822.