Parliamentary inquiry into childcare for disabled children publishes report criticising existing provisions

The Parliamentary Inquiry into Childcare for Disabled Children has published a report revealing that disabled children are being denied educational and social opportunities. The Inquiry was co-chaired by Conservative MP Robert Buckland and Labour MP Pat Glass.

The report recommends a cross-departmental review of funding to identify where support must be improved to meet the extra costs of childcare for disabled children and remove barriers to access, followed by pilots of flexible approaches to delivering support. It also calls for the introduction of a requirement for local authorities to publish, as part of the SEND Local Offer, clear information for parents and providers on access to childcare inclusion support. Finally, it asks that the full 15 hours of free early education for all eligible children with disabilities (aged two, three and four) be made clear, that the arrangements for redress for parents are clarified.

The first recommendation is unlikely to be taken forward due to financial reasons, whilst the second and third are already in the process of being taken forward by the Government.