NHS hospitals facing £100 million in debt

The Times reports on evidence by the Nuffield Trust showing that hospitals were facing a debt of £100 million in 2013-2014, with overall hospital finances worsening by £1 billion, if Government bailouts are taken into account. At the same time, a poll of NHS managers found that 47% believe the NHS will not be able to offer its services free at the point of use in a decade, echoing a letter to the Health Secretary from earlier this week, where a number of health leaders highlighted that it is not possible to retain the status quo and continue with “business as usual”.

Meanwhile, a quarterly survey of health leaders by the Trust has revealed that eight out of ten respondents are concerned about the financial viability of their local provider, with seven out of ten believing providers will have to go into debt to provide high quality services and 63% favouring tax increases to fund the NHS.