ESSNA Vice-Chair Martin Cheifetz interviewed by BBC Radio Kent

The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance’s (ESSNA) Vice-Chair Martin Cheifetz has appeared on BBC Radio Kent’s Breakfast show, representing ESSNA, on Monday 30th June just after 8am. Mr Cheifetz, who was interviewed by John Warnett and appeared alongside a number of other experts, discussed the sports nutrition industry’s concerns around the industrial chemical dinitrophenol (DNP), which the radio show was able to buy as an illegal weight loss pill as part of its investigation.  

Mr Cheifetz made the clear distinction between DNP and sports supplements, reiterating that DNP is not a sports nutrition product, but an industrial chemical that is not fit for human consumption, and that it is mostly sold illegally over the internet. He added that sanctions do exist for rogue traders selling the chemical illegally, and that stricter regulation is unnecessary – what is needed is for authorities to ensure that the existing rules are complied with.

Mr Cheifetz’s interview can be accessed via the link below until 7th July 2014:

The DNP feature starts at 2 hours and 7 minutes.