Childcare costing more than mortages bills

The Family and Childcare Trust has published a report that says a family with two children will spend over £7,500 each year on childcare, compared to just over £7,200 on their homes, provoking the headline that “the cost of childcare is now more than mortgage bills”. The Family and Childcare Trust report showed that over the past five years childcare costs have risen by 27 per cent.

Lucy Powell MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Childcare and Children, commented that “under David Cameron childcare costs are soaring, adding pressure to family life and shutting parents out of work”.  The report found that parents in Britain use more of their salary to pay for childcare – 26.6% – than most other European countries according to the Organisation of Economic and Cooperation and Development (OECD) data.

Family and Childcare Trust