Clegg flirts with Labour

Nick Clegg has hinted at a possible deal with Labour in the event of another hung Parliament. In an interview for a BBC Radio 4 documentary to be broadcast tonight, the Deputy Prime Minister said Labour had shifted their position and praised them for accepting the possibility of power-sharing with the Liberal Democrats.

Clegg said: “I think they’ve changed. I think there’s nothing like the prospect of reality in an election to get politicians to think again, and the Labour party, which is a party unused to sharing power with others, is realising that it might have to.” But Labour leader Ed Miliband said he was not interested in discussing the possibility of a coalition.

BBC News

Olly from PSI: Clegg’s comments seem like an attempt to reassure left-leaning Liberal Democrats that he is as amendable to dealing with Labour as he is with the Conservatives. Especially because, as it stands, a hung Parliament with Labour the largest Party seems like a distinct possibility after the next General Election.