David Cameron refuses to back car smoking ban

Downing Street has refused to say whether the Prime Minister would support a ban on smoking in cars where children are passengers. Earlier in the week a Labour backed amendment to the Children and Families Bill would mean drivers would face a £60 fine or a driving awareness course if they are caught smoking in a vehicle carrying under-18s. The amendment won the support of a majority of peers, with 222 voting for the motion and 197 against. It will now go

Gary from PSI:  The Prime Minister has refused to support the amendment and said there will be a free vote on the amendment when the bill returns from the Lords. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has already indicated his opposition. It’s important to note that the amendment empowers, but does not compel, the government at a later date to make it a criminal offence for drivers to fail to prevent smoking in their vehicle when children are present. However, Labour has said that if the measure does not become law before the next election, it will be included in its manifesto.