Whitehouse Consultancy reappointed for National Obesity Awareness Week 2015

The Whitehouse Consultancy has been reappointed by the National Obesity Forum to manage National Obesity Awareness Week 2015.

The announcement follows the successful inaugural awareness week, which was reported on the front page of three national newspapers and extensively across the media following the publication of a National Obesity Forum report warning that UK obesity rates could exceed the prediction of 50 per cent of the population by 2050.

The awareness week focused on promoting a National New Year’s Resolution to turn obesity around. Other initiatives undertaken for the week included a national schools competition to promote healthy living among children and securing the involvement of Premiership football clubs.

Whitehouse will repeat its brief of building a coalition of organisation to support the week and delivering a programme of public relations and public affairs activity to highlight the obesity issue and promote ways in which it can be addressed.

Professor David Haslam, Chair of the National Obesity Forum, said:

“This year’s National Obesity Awareness Week has been a resounding success. We have been delighted and astounded by the attention it has attracted, which has helped spark a debate not only about the scale of the obesity problem in this country but how it can be addressed. The Whitehouse team have been tireless in their efforts to create a broad coalition of supporters working towards a common goal, which is to support the health of the nation. We’re delighted that they will be organising the awareness week for 2015 and have no doubt it will be as big a success.”

Chris Whitehouse, Managing Director of the Whitehouse Consultancy, said:

“Creating an awareness week for such a major public health issue from scratch has been a challenging and enjoyable project. We are delighted by the success of this year’s obesity awareness week and believe it has met the goals we had almost 12 months ago, which were to raise awareness of how obesity can be addressed and to ensure this week was firmly established in the calendar for years to come.

“We’re looking forward to 2015 and emulating this success.”