SMF report calls for end of divide between state and independent schools

A report by the Social Market Foundation (SMF), has called on the wealthiest parents to pay the same fees to send their children to a top state school as they would to an independent school. In the report Anthony Seldon, the headteacher at Wellington College, calls for radical changes to end the divide between state and independent schools, enhance social mobility and offer young people a more rounded education. Anthony Seldon believes his proposals will widen access to private education and bring new money into the state system, as well as incentivise state schools to perform better and reduce the domination of places at the top state schools by the children of well-off parents. The report also calls for private schools to offer a quarter of their places to children from the poorest backgrounds.

Gary from PSI: Education Secretary Michael Gove has already distanced himself from the idea saying that the Government were not adopting the policy. 

Social Market Foundation.