School league tables in England to be changed

England’s secondary school league tables are to be split for the first time to separate A-levels from vocational qualifications. In the past, rankings combined how a school or college performed in both academic and vocational qualifications.

Schools and colleges will instead be given three separate grades for their pupils’ average performance in:

  • A-levels
  • Academic qualifications, which includes A-levels and others such as the International Baccalaureate
  • Vocational qualifications

The government says the change will end confusion for parents over what the tables show and help them to choose the right place for their child.

BBC News

Olly from PSI: From September, the way in which schools in England are held to account will be transformed (see upcoming post for more details) and league tables completely re-arranged. There will likely be ongoing tweaks to the way league tables are arranged for the foreseeable future until schools, parents and policy makers become comfortable with the new arrangements.