Euro poll blow for Conservatives

The Conservatives look set to finish third in May’s European Elections, according to a new poll from YouGov. The survey found Labour topping the vote on 32%, with UKIP on 26% and the Conservatives on 23%. The Liberal Democrats face the prospect of losing all their MEPs with their support falling to 9%

Gary from PSI: This poll is the latest blow to the Conservatives and it would appear that the party faces coming below second in a national vote for the first time in British history. It comes just a day after Chancellor George Osborne warned the EU that if Brussels did not reform and relinquish stringent power over its members, then it is likely that Britain will vote to leave the 28-nation bloc.

This poll suggests that David Cameron’s attempts to fight off the UKIP threat are failing and is likely to cause already restless Government backbenchers to put even more pressure on the leadership for a much harder line on Europe. Although many will point out that UKIP is not polling as well as expected with predictions of them topping the vote appearing overstated. The poll is a great boost for Ed Miliband and Labour, which has not come first in a European election since 1994.