Conservative Party Conference – the fourth day

The conference will see Prime Minister David Cameron make the keynote speech to his members today. Despite recent struggles, David Cameron could be forgiven for arriving in Manchester with a modest spring in his step. He has spent much of this year at odds with his party over a European referendum and gay marriage. He has suffered electorally at the hands of UKIP and been defeated in the House of Commons over taking the country to war. However, the arrival of a modest economic recovery has put some hope into Conservative hearts, allowing them to dream once again of the possibility of winning a majority at the next election.

Conservative MPs do not seem to feel under pressure from Ed Miliband and Labour. They think they have a strong message on crime, welfare and immigration which they believe is popular on the doorstep. However, doubts certainly still remain about their leader. Does the party really believe that the Conservatives under David Cameron can win a majority over Ed Miliband when he failed to do so against Gordon Brown?

With the rise of UKIP, it is crucial that Cameron makes the argument for a Conservative Government. Members will be keen for him to list Conservative achievements and stress how many more there would be without a coalition partner holding them back. To some degree this job has already been done by Nick Clegg who seemed to pride himself during the Liberal Democrat Conference on listing which Conservative policies he had blocked. Expect to hear the Prime Minister listing his Government’s perceived successes.

Gary Jones