Ombudsman Services

Crafting Ombudsman Services as the authority on regulatory and consumer protection.


Ombudsman Services contacted Whitehouse to help them position themselves as thought leaders and experts in redress for vulnerable consumers, SMEs, and micro-businesses in the energy and communications sectors and proactively contribute to the wider policy debate. Whitehouse was also appointed to expand and strengthen their networks and help develop and refine their messaging.


Whitehouse has expanded and strengthened Ombudsman Services relationships with key decision makers in government, parliament, and industry, and solidified its position as an authoritative and experienced voice in the regulatory and consumer protection sector.

In 2019, Whitehouse organised two separate party conference events – at the Conservative and Labour Party Conferences in Manchester and Brighton, respectively. For the panels, Whitehouse secured the Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister at the time, and other leading industry representatives.

Whitehouse have also positioned Ombudsman Services as a thought-leader in the redress, small business and consumer protection space, informing government and industry strategy for the future, engaging with current conversations about vulnerable members of society and the important role of consumer experience and redress in this context. As a result, Ombudsman Services are now regularly invited to contribute to regulatory discussions, roundtables, steering groups, and consumer advocacy debates.