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Are sanctions the solution to the Ukraine invasion?

“4am Kyiv is bombed”. That’s not a statement from this week – and that’s what makes it all the more tragic. For most Europeans, ground war driven by a foreign superpower was an omen of the twentieth century. Only recently have we begun to see the World War Two generation give way to a new … Continued

Reducing reliance on Russian gas – a mission for Europe

The Precursor to the EU Russian gas problem Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24th February, many European leaders put their full trust in the supposedly mighty force of trade as a tool for (political) change. This led to Russian energy trading agreements being signed one after the other, making Russia the continent’s by far … Continued

The Future of Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has dodged multiple political bullets, but is he now fatally wounded? Chris Whitehouse, Chair of Whitehouse Communications, and a prominent political consultant and public affairs lobbyist, has been consistent in his view that Boris Johnson would lead the Conservative Party into the next general election. Has his view now changed? ‘When … Continued

Whitehouse Communications discuss: Is it time for Boris Johnson to step down?

Should the Prime Minister stay or should he go now? Whitehouse Communications Chair, Chris Whitehouse, asks whether Boris Johnson has outstayed his welcome at the head of government. Will the cabinet act? Yesterday’s loss by the Conservatives of the Wakefield and the Tiverton and Honiton by-elections to Labour the Liberal Democrats respectively, has seen renewed … Continued

Boris buys time, but must serve up red meat.

Red meat Boris Johnson’s victory in the vote of no confidence called upon his premiership has bought him time. Another such vote cannot be called for 12 months, but he must urgently use that time to serve up red meat for Conservative MPs and grassroots activists. Flawed comparisons Comparisons with waning premierships of former Conservative … Continued

Whitehouse sustainable food systems policy bites – May 2022

Every month, the Whitehouse food and nutrition policy team brings you the latest policy and regulatory developments, helping you understand and shape the future of sustainable food systems. You can subscribe to our newsletter here to get exclusive insights directly into your inbox. In addition, below you can find some of the top stories that caught … Continued

Labour dallies with Boris Johnson’s cakeism

Here we go again. Having huffed, puffed and sneered now for six months about party-gate, the BBC is at it again, trying to force the resignation of a serving Prime Minister who made the mistake of being in the wrong room at the wrong time with a glass of warm wine and, shock horror, perhaps … Continued

The future of UK banking and finance is pensions

Last Thursday saw the publication of “The Future of UK Banking and Finance” by New Financial and the Atlantic Council, launched with panels of the great and the good at the Banqueting House in Whitehall and a review in the Financial Times. The purpose of the report is to suggest a suite of reforms to … Continued

Boris Johnson: he’s still “our” bumbling toff

Boris Johnson will win the next general election for the Conservatives, because one alternative, as it dawns on voters, will strike terror into their hearts. As I predicted previously, and consistently, there is nothing in the results of the local government elections to precipitate the resignation or removal of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. Even … Continued

Europe’s populist politicians are here to stay

When cheers rang out below the Eiffel Tower where supporters of French president Emmanuel Macron gathered to support their candidate’s election victory, sighs of relief were heard at the Berlaymont building in Brussels where EU policymakers feared the election of a far right Eurosceptic. Is Macron’s election victory a sign of waning populism across Europe … Continued