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Through the looking glass: Rishi the tax-and-spend Thatcherite

Over the past eighteen months, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has spent hundreds of billions of pounds to prop up public services, people’s wages, and businesses. Clearly focussed on the post-pandemic rebuild, yesterday’s budget was Sunak’s first opportunity to move on from crisis-management mode and set the tone for his chancellorship. Tasked with balancing … Continued

Budget 2021: Rishi’s risky road to recovery

This was an easy budget for Rishi Sunak to deliver. He’s under limited pressure from his own party (for now) to set out how he will pay for the pandemic-related spending that kept the British economy afloat. The red wall Tory MPs in northern red wall seats will be pleased to see the spending continue. … Continued

Liz Truss, Brexit, and our relationship with the EU

‘REMAIN’ VOTING LIZ TRUSS WON’T SOFTEN TORIES’ STANCE ON BREXIT AND THE EU, PREDICTS WHITEHOUSE COMMUNICATIONS Liz Truss may have voted against Brexit, but that won’t soften anything in Britain’s relationship with the European Union should she become Prime Minister. The opposite is the case. Chris Whitehouse, Chair of Whitehouse Communications, and a prominent political … Continued

Whitehouse Communications discuss: Is it time for Boris Johnson to step down?

Should the Prime Minister stay or should he go now? Whitehouse Communications Chair, Chris Whitehouse, asks whether Boris Johnson has outstayed his welcome at the head of government. Will the cabinet act? Yesterday’s loss by the Conservatives of the Wakefield and the Tiverton and Honiton by-elections to Labour the Liberal Democrats respectively, has seen renewed … Continued

Spring Statement 2022: Do you wannabe my tax-cutter?

Wannabe Thatcherite Rishi Sunak believes that the path to the premiership he craves runs through a low tax agenda that revs the engines of the tory backbenchers and grassroots party members that decide leadership elections. But he also knows that the prospects of a fifth Conservative general election victory are dead in the water if … Continued

Food & Nutrition Newsletter – Trick or (adequately labelled) treat?!

While you were out pumpkin picking, policymakers in Brussels and London spent the month of October carving out the future of the food and nutrition sector, not least as COP26 is fast approaching. Boo! With the easing of some COVID-19 restrictions (it may not last long!), Members of the European Parliament embarked on their monthly … Continued

Brexit 5 – See you in Court?

Government relaxes trade rules between GB and NI…  This week, the British government moved unilaterally to relax trade rules between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  As part of the Northern Ireland Protocol, signed between London and Brussels to ensure a common arrangement for the future of Northern Ireland after the UK’s departure from the EU, both parties agreed on a grace period during which procedures and customs … Continued

Time to engage on the Skills White Paper

The government has published its long-awaited Skills White Paper setting out its plans for reforms to post-16 technical education and training to support people to develop the skills needed to get good jobs and improve national productivity. Coming at a point that sees education for a whole cohort of youngsters already badly disrupted for nearly … Continued

2021 begins with a feminist bang: Tampon Tax has been axed!

2021 began with a feminist bang when the “luxury” tax rate previously applied to period products was finally axed. Although this is a big step to ending period poverty and stigma, there’s still a long way to go. Here’s how the tax was axed and where the period conversation is headed. Tampon tax was introduced … Continued