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Mental health app regulation prompts new trade body

Funding for mental health app regulation prompts new trade body Getting app regulation right: encouraging digital innovation Wednesday 25th January 2023 at 10am [Zoom] The announcement of a £1.8m project by NICE1 and MHRA2 to review the regulation of mental health and wellbeing apps has prompted plans for a new trade body for developers of such … Continued

Post-Brexit Medical Devices Regulation UK

World leading? The future arrangements for medical device regulation Chris Whitehouse, a prominent political consultant and expert on medical technology policy and regulation at Whitehouse Communications and chair of the Urology Trade Association, provides his thoughts on the government’s response to the consultation from the MHRA about medical device regulation in the UK. In the small hours of … Continued

The Future Of Medical Device Regulations

MedTech Innovation News In the first of a series of articles for MedTech Innovation News, Chris Whitehouse, an expert on medical technology policy at Whitehouse Communications and chair of the Urology Trade Association, keeps readers abreast of the major changes to MedTech investment, innovation and medical devices regulation that are on their way. New Medical … Continued

Do EU Regulations still apply to the UK?

Advice For British Firms Lobbying In The EU As we all knew, “global” Britain is an oxymoron; Britain doesn’t have the economic weight to have the rest of the world adopt its unilateral standards. Instead, in many areas UK regulations will quietly take the lead from EU rules so as not to penalise British firms … Continued

Lobbying regulation: please, sir, can I have some more?

When it comes to lobbying regulation, Chris Whitehouse, Chair of Whitehouse Communications and an expert on food policy and regulation, argues strongly that more is needed if we are to separate ethical political consultants from dodgy current and former politicians. Writing for the influential sector magazine, The Grocer, you can read Chris’s full article here. … Continued

Maintaining patient safety, driving an innovation revolution: the future of medical device regulation

In what was both an insightful and stimulating discussion, Whitehouse Communications and the Urology Trade Association hosted a webinar, discussing the role of medical device regulation post-Brexit. Joining the panel was Graeme Tunbridge, Director of Devices at the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA); Anne Marie Morris, MP for Newton Abbot and Chair of … Continued

Medical Device Regulation Post-Brexit

Urology Trade Association Webinar panel discussion: What is the role of medical device regulation post-Brexit? Thursday 22nd April, 10:00am – Zoom  The Whitehouse Consultancy, on behalf of the Urology Trade Association is hosting a webinar panel discussion on the role of medical device regulation post-Brexit.  Following the UK’s departure from the EU, the Medicines and Healthcare … Continued

Understanding and shaping the regulations affecting your business

On Wednesday 21st November from 11.15 to 12.00 am, our Associate Director Viviana Spaghetti will be hosting a roundtable at Food Matters Live 2018 on “understanding and shaping the regulations affecting your business”. During this roundtable, participants will have the opportunity to gather and discuss topics such as: • administrative burdens and how they affect … Continued

EU regulations and edible insects

In a new column for Vitafoods Europe, Whitehouse Political Consultant Chenoa Geerts has analysed new EU regulations on Novel Foods and whether they could open the door to edible insects that form part of diet of more than two billion people worldwide. To read Chenoa’s article, please click here.

Brexit, regulation and scrutiny

Senior Political Consultant Frances Powrie considers the need for scrutiny as the UK incorporates and reviews EU regulations as part of Brexit.

Department of Health and CQC publish finalised Duty of Candour regulations

The Department of Health has published the outcome of its consultation period on the Duty of Candour. As part of the publication, the Department also clarified what penalties would be put in place for providers that breach new fundamental standards of care, and finalised its fit and proper persons regulations for directors. This is all … Continued