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When Pop and Politics Collide: What has Nicki Minaj Taught Us?

During last week’s media conference on the winter plans for controlling Covid-19, Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty was faced with important questions such as whether personal choice for masks is enough, would vaccine passports be introduced, and who would qualify for booster jabs. He was also asked, what may seem from the outset a more … Continued

A week is a long time in (Brexit) politics…pt. 100000

A “limited and specific” breach of international law The week began with a leaked document in the press which suggested that the UK would renege elements of the Withdrawal Agreement, which was only signed in January 2020 after much debate last year over the Northern Irish back-stop, as part of a new bill on the … Continued

Why politics needs comedy in a time of crisis

When the Covid crisis escalated in the UK and it became clear that we needed to lockdown and fast, we all turned to the government and, in particular, Boris Johnson for direction. We were prepared to put aside months and years of Brexit-fuelled political turmoil, if he could provide leadership, instruction and reassurance at a … Continued

European elections: Taking stock of the hearings of the Commissioners-designate: What’s coming next in European politics?

On Tuesday, 8th October the hearings of Commissioners-designates terminated. In the past few weeks, the 27 potential future Commissioners were scrutinised by Committees of the European Parliament. The UK did not put forward any candidate for the Commissioner’s job branding the issue “a distraction” as Britain prepares to leave the EU on 31st October. The … Continued

The dangers of playing politics

Being a British Government Minister is an odd job. Ministers have to govern a maddeningly diverse nation of sixty-five million people, and govern well, or one of the hundreds of people behind them in the House of Commons will gleefully take their job. At the same time – as well as being an MP for … Continued