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Parliamentarians stand with Hong Kong for city’s 180th anniversary

Yesterday marked the 180th anniversary of modern Hong Kong’s founding, an outward-looking, internationalist, enclave of freedom. A rich 180 years of history, although turbulent at times, enabled Hong Kong to transform itself into one of the world’s most vibrant international cities. The 180th anniversary is a chance to celebrate Hong Kong’s success – as exemplified … Continued

UK Parliamentarians could face life imprisonment for speaking out on Hong Kong

Writing for the influential political blog site, CapX, our Chair, Chris Whitehouse, hits out at the actions of the Chinese Communist Party. “The UK needs to wake up to the fact that the Chinese Communist Party is now directly attempting to corrupt British democratic traditions and systems, constrain our journalists, and limit academic freedom of … Continued

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity

Re-launching a tired cross-party group to tackle one of Britain’s biggest public health threats. Background Tackling obesity is one of the greatest public health challenges in the United Kingdom, yet the dedicated forum for discussion of policy in this area had been allowed to fall into abeyance. The Whitehouse Team, being acknowledged experts in this … Continued

Whitehouse organises a Parliamentary Roundtable for the Nappy Alliance

On 11th June, the Whitehouse Consultancy organised a high-level Parliamentary roundtable for the Nappy Alliance with David Linden MP. Attended by a cross-party group of MPs, civil servants, NHS midwives and mums; those present called on the government to provide parents with more information about using reusable nappies. The participants discussed the Nappies (Environmental Standards) … Continued

European Parliament election results – the new dynamics leading to change

The European Parliament elections drew the highest voter turnout in twenty years: more than half of EU citizens headed to the polls between 23 and 26 May. The results have demonstrated a slight shift from mainstream politics, putting pressure on politicians and businesses alike to move away from their typical policymaking and engagement strategies to … Continued

What Brexit means: Darren Jones, Member of the Parliament

Darren Jones, Labour Member of the Parliament for Bristol North West, shares his views on the most important issues in the Brexit negotiations, the most likely scenario for trade and its economic outcomes and the future relationship between Britain and the European Union.