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A year in lockdown: what lessons can the UK learn?

On March 23rd 2020, Boris Johnson addressed the nation and delivered the news most could hardly believe that they were expecting: coronavirus had infiltrated the UK and claimed thousands of lives, hospitalising so many that the NHS was threatened – so to keep our country safe we were to go into lockdown. As the initial … Continued

Brexit 5: Tensions continue to bubble away, as another lockdown looms

De-facto internal border in Kent proposed Earlier this week, the government announced that truck drivers will need a permit to enter Kent after the Brexit transition period ends. The announcement came after a letter from cabinet minister Michael Gove warned that, without a free trade deal, queues 7,000-trucks-long could clog up roads around the port … Continued

Food & Nutrition Newsletter – (Fat, salt and) Sugar, we’re goin’ down

As we experienced a bit more sun and (some) softened COVID restrictions across Europe, June marked a month where policymakers held important debates and announced policy initiatives relevant to the sector. Let’s look back at what the past month brought us. It was a busy time for the UK. While G7 summit leaders met in … Continued

Whitehouse Communications Appoints Dr Andy Tarrant as Director of EU Affairs

Whitehouse Communications, newly re-branded from The Whitehouse Consultancy, has appointed Dr Andy Tarrant as their Director of EU Affairs and Public Policy. This senior appointment is the latest in the political communications agency’s continual staff growth, following an 80% increase during the last year alone. Andy joins the Whitehouse team following his role as the … Continued

Food & Nutrition Newsletter – No HFSS for the Queen

May is a month of reinvention. Across Europe, people begin to look forward to the summer, one that with easing lockdown restrictions across the continent should feel closer to normality. May is the month for new wardrobes, new plans, and indeed, new political direction. This month the UK saw the State Opening of Parliament ceremony, … Continued

Free speech is fundamental to a free society.

Without free speech, there can be no free exchange of ideas, no free society and no effective democracy. Even, or perhaps especially, during the pandemic there has been robust public discourse about the scale and impact of the threat to life and to the economy that the virus poses. There has been legitimate and wide-ranging … Continued

Riots in Northern Ireland should not be blamed on Brexit.

The violence that broke out in Northern Ireland (NI) last week, quite rightly, shocked the rest of the UK and attracted international concern for one of four parts of the United Kingdom. The leaders in Belfast, Dublin, and London have all condemned the violence, yet there’s no agreement on the cause of the violence. A … Continued

Staying healthy and happy at Whitehouse

Staying healthy and happy at Whitehouse – Putting what we have learnt from clients in the food, health and sports sectors into practice Happy World Health Day! Brought to life by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1950, World Health Day is designed to raise awareness of the importance of health and promote health priorities across the world.   This year, the theme of World Health Day is “Building … Continued

Has close confinement driven some commentators stir crazy?

What we need like a hole in the head right now is the distraction of Government having to return to Parliament to refresh its legislative mandate for coronavirus regulations more often than once every six months, as some MPs and commentators, such as Henry Hill, have argued. Look what happened last time Parliament sought to dictate … Continued

The EU is the Netherlands’ “elephant in the room” – Will the Dutch elections results change Rutte’s discourse in Brussels?

From 15th to 17th March, the Netherlands held its general elections. Following today’s official announcement, it is now a done deal: the Dutch conservative-liberal party VVD will once again be the largest party in the lower house of Parliament (“Tweede Kamer”), with 34 seats. The results mean Mark Rutte will be given another chance in … Continued

Where’s the NHS going? Whitehouse reports

Over the last fortnight, the debate over NHS staff’s pay has raged on, with the Scottish Government announcing a 4% pay rise yesterday in contrast to the 1% pay rise offered to staff in England. With the UK firmly on the path out of lockdown, discussions over the future of the NHS and social care, … Continued