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Lobbying “the Brussels way” – EU experts share their views on business lobbying in Whitehouse’s webinar on “The dos and don’ts of business lobbying in the EU”

How can businesses effectively inform and add value to the EU policy-making processes? How did lobbying evolve in the last decades? And how does one lobby in “the Brussels way”? These, and many more questions, were addressed in Whitehouse Communications’ webinar on “The dos and don’ts of business lobbying in the EU”. Moderated by Whitehouse’s … Continued

British firms, lobbying the EU and the post-Brexit landscape

Professor David Coen, UCL and Dr Andy Tarrant, Whitehouse Communications  As we all knew, “global” Britain is an oxymoron; Britain doesn’t have the economic weight to have the rest of the world adopt its unilateral standards. Instead, in many areas British regulation will quietly take its lead from EU rules so as not to penalise … Continued

Big Tech is spending a fortune lobbying the EU, but is it paying off?

Big Tech is spending a fortune lobbying the EU. Corporate Europe Observatory estimated in August that Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, colloquially known as the GAFAMs, have spent almost €23 million lobbying the European institutions. Twice as much as the top ten finance companies and three times as much as the top ten car … Continued

 It will be a long hot summer for health lobbyists

  There’s no recess for those looking to influence the Health and Care Bill   With unprecedented healthcare spending, Labour’s fox has been well and truly shot   Claims that the NHS is being privatised by stealth don’t stack up Schools have broken up for their summer holidays, confusion reigns over overseas holidays, and Parliament has gone into … Continued

Lobbying regulation: please, sir, can I have some more?

When it comes to lobbying regulation, Chris Whitehouse, Chair of Whitehouse Communications and an expert on food policy and regulation, argues strongly that more is needed if we are to separate ethical political consultants from dodgy current and former politicians. Writing for the influential sector magazine, The Grocer, you can read Chris’s full article here. … Continued

Let’s clear the air of the ‘rotten stink’ surrounding NHS lobbying

“The current lobbying regulatory system is widely acknowledged as being unfit for purpose, relying as it does upon the disclosure by only some commercial lobbyists of only some of their work for only some of their clients, but leaving whole sectors of the lobbying community unregulated, unregistered and undeclared”, So, writes veteran healthcare and social … Continued

Is there one lobbying rule for Cameron and another for the rest of us?

Speaking today on news that the Government is to commission an inquiry into David Cameron’s recent lobbying activity, veteran lobbyist Chris Whitehouse, Chair of The Whitehouse Consultancy says: “The government is right to investigate these reports. It’s simply not good enough for David Cameron to seek to feather his own nest by hiding behind and … Continued

Former Prime Minister’s scandalous lobbying

“When David Cameron famously warned 11 years ago that lobbying would be the ‘next political scandal’, many of us hadn’t realised he was not sounding a warning, but making a promise”. Whitehouse Consultancy founder and Chair, Chris Whitehouse, has written an excoriating criticism of former Prime Minister, David Cameron’s approach to lobbying. It has been … Continued

Hong Kong Police put spotlight on UK lobbying firm for pro-democracy work

Communications sector Bible, PR Week, has highlighted attacks by Hong Kong police on The Whitehouse Consultancy for its pro-democracy campaigning on behalf of Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong. PR Week reports ‘Hong Kong police arrested local media mogul Jimmy Lai Chee-ying and five others last week under the national security law, on suspicion of … Continued