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China represents “greatest challenge the West has ever faced before”, says internationally acclaimed artist Ai Weiwei

Internationally renowned artist and pro-democracy activist Ai Weiwei said, “China represents the greatest challenge the West has ever faced” and called upon the free world to act with urgency during a parliamentary event today to mark the 180th anniversary of the founding of modern Hong Kong. To mark Tuesday 26th January as the 180th anniversary of the founding of modern Hong Kong, dozens of MPs and Peers including Former Conservative … Continued

International human rights expert calls upon UN High Commissioner to “publicly investigate abuses” perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party

Speaking at a special event organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Hong Kong and Stand with Hong Kong, International human rights expert and China Director of Human Rights Watch, Dr Sophie Richardson called upon Michelle Bachelet of Chile, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, to “publicly commit to… gathering testimony and compiling a report” on human rights abuses perpetrated at the hands of … Continued

International human rights expert predicts “all major civilized countries” will impose Magnitsky-style sanctions against senior Hong Kong officials within a year

International human rights leader Bill Browder has predicted that “all major civilized countries” will have a “relatively robust” Magnitsky-style sanctions regime in place within a year, which targets Hong Kong senior officials for the human rights violations they have committed. He also said that the UK government should be “shamed” for failing to impose such sanctions thus far. Bill Browder, the campaigner behind the US Magnitsky-style sanction movement and a former business partner of Sergie Magnitsky who … Continued

The Drew Pavlou iceberg webinar: how the international community can defend itself against China’s subversion of academic freedom

Drew Pavlou is an Australian activist, philosophy student and Senate member of the University of Queensland. Mr Pavlou has faced consistent harassment, abuse and suspension for criticising the university’s strong links with Chinese Government organisations, notably the Confucius Institute from which the university gains 20% of its revenue. Specifically, the student questioned how this funding … Continued

The Whitehouse Consultancy celebrates International Nurses’ Day

Today is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale who played such a key role in promoting awareness of the importance of compassion and cleanliness in the care of the injured and dying. Seldom has a role model been more appropriate for our times. Today, The Whitehouse Consultancy salutes Florence and all those … Continued

The importance of comms during an international crisis

Effective communication is critical in times of emergency. As the coronavirus pandemic grips the world and sparks global panic, society relies on information from experts, officials, and leaders to understand the latest developments of the crisis and to make decisions about what they should do in response. If communication is executed well, it helps manage people’s expectations and … Continued

Interview: European Media Freedom Act – Does it protect media pluralism and independence in the EU?

In mid-September 2022, the European Commission unveiled its legislative proposal on the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA), a new flagship initiative to protect media pluralism and independence in the European Union. Whitehouse sat down with Leon Willems, Senior Advisor International Partnerships at Free Press Unlimited and Oliver Money-Kyrle, Head of Europe Advocacy and Programmes at … Continued