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Reform of the education system is the key to keeping our teachers

Teachers are quitting the classroom at an alarming rate – the highest since records began. Recent polls found that four in ten teachers plan on resigning within their first two years, rising to over a quarter within the next five. Teachers blame an excessive workload and intense pressure, leading to a heavy strain on their … Continued

Whitehouse Launches New Education Practice

The Whitehouse Consultancy has launched a key sector Practice, focussing on education and children’s services. The Education Practice includes team members who have held key education roles across national and local government and who have sat on boards for academies, schools and education settings spanning: early years, primary, secondary, further and higher education, and also … Continued

Delivering on the education manifesto pledges

Senior Political Consultant Ben Rochelle has written for HuffPost on the Government’s education agenda and meeting the Conservative manifesto commitments. To read Ben’s article, please click here.

Expanding selective education

Senior Political Consultant Ben Rochelle has written for the Huffington Post on selective education.

Higher Education and Research

Higher Education and Research The EU has made an enormous contribution to the success of the UK education sector – in 2015 non-UK EU nationals made up 6.4% of UK university’ students and generated £5.1 billion according to a London Economics report. In 2014-2015, British universities received more than £836 million in EU grants and … Continued