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Euro Channel: Who will lead the environmental revolution in a post-Covid world?

2020 has become synonymous with scenes of empty roads, disserted airports and quiet highstreets. Demand for energy fell to its lowest levels since World War Two and carbon emissions tumbled by approximately 6% in 2020 alone. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has predicted a major surge in CO2 emissions from energy this year as the … Continued

Energy and environment

Whitehouse is one of the UK’s leading specialists on renewable energy and environment policy.

Interview: European Media Freedom Act – Does it protect media pluralism and independence in the EU?

In mid-September 2022, the European Commission unveiled its legislative proposal on the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA), a new flagship initiative to protect media pluralism and independence in the European Union. Whitehouse sat down with Leon Willems, Senior Advisor International Partnerships at Free Press Unlimited and Oliver Money-Kyrle, Head of Europe Advocacy and Programmes at … Continued

Poppy Kirby-Green

Poppy is a communications professional and media relations specialist, with extensive experience providing strategic communications advice and media outreach for global NGOs, governments and companies. Her media relations work has included widespread global elite media coverage for major announcements, social and political campaigns, and independent research, including placing op-eds and securing high-level broadcast interviews. She … Continued

Greenpeace protest at Tory Conference: an analysis from Whitehouse Communications in PR Week

Whitehouse Communications’ Director of Public Affairs, Max Wilson, explains to PR Week the short-term success that might be wrought from Greenpeace’s protest during Liz Truss’s Conference speech, but also the need to develop that success into a longer term public affairs strategy. Greenpeace protest during Truss speech was an opportunity missed  This week, Liz Truss … Continued

Belgian Economic Mission to the UK

Raising awareness of international diplomatic and trade opportunities Background The Belgian Economic Mission is a diplomatic and business delegation visit ran to highlight the import and export opportunities of strengthened trade ties between Belgium and other nations. In 2022, following pandemic-induced delays, the Mission came to the UK in May. Presided over by HRH Princess … Continued

Human rights at risk for asylum seekers in Rwanda | Whitehouse

Despite a last-minute legal appeal thwarting the first planned flight to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, the UK government has vowed to press on with its controversial plans to deter those crossing the English Channel. The government’s announced agreement to send those seeking asylum in the UK to landlocked Rwanda in Central Africa has drawn … Continued

UK Public Affairs Training

Our approach to public affairs is based on the idea that effective engagement in politics should be based on what you know, not who you know. UK Public Affairs Experts Our specialised UK public affairs training courses and workshops are led by Whitehouse experts. We aim to equip your team and key spokespeople with the … Continued