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Euro Channel: Who will lead the environmental revolution in a post-Covid world?

2020 has become synonymous with scenes of empty roads, disserted airports and quiet highstreets. Demand for energy fell to its lowest levels since World War Two and carbon emissions tumbled by approximately 6% in 2020 alone. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has predicted a major surge in CO2 emissions from energy this year as the … Continued

Energy and environment

Whitehouse is one of the UK’s leading specialists on renewable energy and environment policy.

New legislation: what is in the Queen’s Speech?

The State Opening of Parliament, with scaled back pageantry due to covid, is scheduled to take place on 11 May 2021. The State Opening marks the beginning of the parliamentary session. Its main purpose is for the monarch formally to open Parliament and, in the Queen’s Speech, outline the Government’s proposed policies and legislation for … Continued

Does recycling really go to landfill: new consultation

Government in England is determined to increase consistency in recycling to reduce confusion in the materials that can be collected for recycling at kerbside, and to address the urban myth that much of the “recycling” carefully separated out by households ends up in landfill anyhow. The new consultation details specific policy proposals for increasing consistency … Continued

Food & Nutrition Newsletter – Ever been fooled by soy milk?

This month we come to you with a fresh look and feel that reflects on our wider company re-brand. We are pleased to introduce Whitehouse Communications, a new brand identity that reflects the growth in our team and service offering. Besides a food-heavy Easter, this month we also mark both Earth Day and World Health … Continued

School & Nursery Milk Alliance

Bringing together stakeholders to continue UK school milk supplies post-Brexit Background Whitehouse established the School & Nursery Milk Alliance, together with Cool Milk, to be the voice of those campaigning to safeguard current school and nursery milk provisions, and promote it across the country. Members of the alliance span from school milk providers such as … Continued

Low Carbon

Engaging with policymakers to increase investments in green energy Background Low Carbon is a UK investment company, committed to the development of renewable energy infrastructure. Strategy and outcomes Whitehouse helped Low Carbon engage with UK government to ensure legislation and policy recognised the value of renewable technologies, to position Low Carbon at the centre of … Continued

Fishermen’s Welfare Alliance

Solving a skills gap in the short and long term to secure the longevity of the UK fishing industry Background Building on a relationship Whitehouse had with the Apostleship of the Sea, we were asked to support the political communications of the newly formed Fishermen’s Welfare Alliance. The Alliance was formed, led by the fishing … Continued

Urology Trade Association

Using expert campaigning to educate politicians and stakeholders on innovation in the urology industry. Introduction The Urology Trade Association (UTA) was set up in 2007 with the overriding aim to protect and promote the Drug Tariff as the preferred mechanism to support research, innovation and development in the urology industry. The urology industry is one … Continued

Committee on Climate Change

Securing trailblazing legislation which set carbon emission targets into statute. Background In 2018, Whitehouse was tasked by the Committee on Climate Change, to bring together a panel of influential stakeholders in the environment and energy sectors to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Climate Change Act. The Act itself was a trailblazer – one of … Continued

Baroness Bennett chairs Reusable Nappy Week briefing

Earlier today, to mark Reusable Nappy Week 2021, Baroness Bennett chaired a discussion looking at what more can be done to promote the environmental, economic and health benefits of reusable nappies. The Environment Bill is due to enter the House of Lords following the Queen’s Speech in May 2021. This was an opportunity to talk … Continued