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Post-Brexit border checks: challenges and opportunities for the food sector

The first year of Brexit has been challenging for the food sector, causing market disruptions which it seems will continue in 2022, with the first quarter bringing important regulatory and trade changes. In the beginning of the year, after several delays, the British Government enforced the full customs control for goods moved from the European … Continued

British firms, lobbying the EU and the post-Brexit landscape

Professor David Coen, UCL and Dr Andy Tarrant, Whitehouse Communications  As we all knew, “global” Britain is an oxymoron; Britain doesn’t have the economic weight to have the rest of the world adopt its unilateral standards. Instead, in many areas British regulation will quietly take its lead from EU rules so as not to penalise … Continued

Euro Channel: Brexit’s back (as if it ever left)

Brexit is back, negotiations and all. Brexit Minister, Lord Frost and EU officials are embroiled in a new stand-off, with Britain calling for the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP) – the sensitive compromise with the EU to prevent a hard border – to be replaced. Frost blames the NIP for disrupting trade and inflaming political unrest. … Continued

Post-Brexit, data shows divergence isn’t always the answer

Whilst the 2016 referendum campaign on the UK’s membership of the European Union featured intense debate on many issues, one topic that received little attention from politicians or voters was the question of data. Nevertheless, data protection and the free flow of data would become a key issue for Brexit negotiators on both sides. The … Continued

Food industry must strengthen ties with EU and UK post-Brexit

Since January, when the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) took effect, UK food companies that export their products to the EU have been facing the burden of bureaucracy that third countries are dealing with in their trade with the Union. They have to meet various requirements imposed on exports to the EU, such as … Continued

Brexit 5: What happens when 400 bankers walk into an bar in Dublin?

With Brexit ostensibly “done”, all that remains it seems is to pick up the pieces. This week all eyes are on Northern Ireland, as disputes continue between the UK and EU with both sides eager to avoid further violence but neither it seems keen to giveaway ground. We are also beginning to witness the impact … Continued

Riots in Northern Ireland should not be blamed on Brexit.

The violence that broke out in Northern Ireland (NI) last week, quite rightly, shocked the rest of the UK and attracted international concern for one of four parts of the United Kingdom. The leaders in Belfast, Dublin, and London have all condemned the violence, yet there’s no agreement on the cause of the violence. A … Continued

Medical Device Regulation Post-Brexit

Urology Trade Association Webinar panel discussion: What is the role of medical device regulation post-Brexit? Thursday 22nd April, 10:00am – Zoom  The Whitehouse Consultancy, on behalf of the Urology Trade Association is hosting a webinar panel discussion on the role of medical device regulation post-Brexit.  Following the UK’s departure from the EU, the Medicines and Healthcare … Continued

Brexit: is it a success yet?

This week, several stories have dominated the Brexit agenda including on police, fish and the tampon tax. While lost police data has fuelled growing public distrust in the UK police force, the UK’s fishing industry has also faced serious difficulties and finally, changes such as those to tampon tax have been hailed as Brexit “quick … Continued

Brexit 5 – Breach of Protocol?

Labour accuses the Government of poor preparation Shadow International Trade Secretary Emily Thornberry has accused the government of failing to carry out an economic impact assessment of their Brexit deal, after the Cabinet Office and Treasury told her that no such document even existed. According to The Guardian, Thornberry said, “It appears not that the … Continued