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Brexit 5: What happens when 400 bankers walk into an bar in Dublin?

With Brexit ostensibly “done”, all that remains it seems is to pick up the pieces. This week all eyes are on Northern Ireland, as disputes continue between the UK and EU with both sides eager to avoid further violence but neither it seems keen to giveaway ground. We are also beginning to witness the impact … Continued

Riots in Northern Ireland should not be blamed on Brexit.

The violence that broke out in Northern Ireland (NI) last week, quite rightly, shocked the rest of the UK and attracted international concern for one of four parts of the United Kingdom. The leaders in Belfast, Dublin, and London have all condemned the violence, yet there’s no agreement on the cause of the violence. A … Continued

Medical Device Regulation Post-Brexit

Urology Trade Association Webinar panel discussion: What is the role of medical device regulation post-Brexit? Thursday 22nd April, 10:00am – Zoom (Register here) The Whitehouse Consultancy, on behalf of the Urology Trade Association is hosting a webinar panel discussion on the role of medical device regulation post-Brexit.  Following the UK’s departure from the EU, the Medicines … Continued

Brexit: is it a success yet?

This week, several stories have dominated the Brexit agenda including on police, fish and the tampon tax. While lost police data has fuelled growing public distrust in the UK police force, the UK’s fishing industry has also faced serious difficulties and finally, changes such as those to tampon tax have been hailed as Brexit “quick … Continued

Brexit 5 – Breach of Protocol?

Labour accuses the Government of poor preparation Shadow International Trade Secretary Emily Thornberry has accused the government of failing to carry out an economic impact assessment of their Brexit deal, after the Cabinet Office and Treasury told her that no such document even existed. According to The Guardian, Thornberry said, “It appears not that the … Continued

Brexit 5 – See you in Court?

Government relaxes trade rules between GB and NI…  This week, the British government moved unilaterally to relax trade rules between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  As part of the Northern Ireland Protocol, signed between London and Brussels to ensure a common arrangement for the future of Northern Ireland after the UK’s departure from the EU, both parties agreed on a grace period during which procedures and customs … Continued

Brexit 5 – 1st March 2021

Impasse over the Irish Sea The EU and UK have failed to break the impasse over the controversial Northern Ireland protocol contained in the Brexit trade agreement this week, following two hours of Brexit talks. Amid mounting political pressure from local businesses and civic leaders, leaders convened to discuss trade disruption in Northern Ireland since … Continued

Cracks with Brexit start to appear as industries grow restless

Farmers frustrated with live farm animal exports standstill Livestock and live shellfish exports from the UK to mainland Europe are at a standstill as producers struggle with post-Brexit transport conditions. In 2019, a combined 31,000 sheep, goats and cattle were exported to the EU mainland from the UK. However, since 01 January, none of these … Continued

The Brexit deal is just the start for food policy

Whitehouse staffer Saagar Dattani wrote for New Natural Business, in their Winter 2021 issue, on the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement and what this might mean for food policy in the UK. You can find his article here. The Whitehouse team are expert political consultants providing public relations and public affairs advice and political analysis to … Continued

The Future is Uncertain, a Year on Since ‘Brexit Day’

On Sunday 31st January 2021, a year will have passed since ‘Brexit Day’, the beginning of the eleven-month long transition period in which the UK and EU would negotiate for a trade deal to begin in 2021. At 11pm, British time, of 31st January 2020, the UK officially left the EU and there were parties … Continued

Brexit 5: no updates from across the Atlantic yet

With President Biden’s inauguration taking place this week, there is much hope in the UK that talks on trade will start moving forward, as they have been halted until now due to the discussions over a post-Brexit trade agreement. But while we are waiting for some updates coming from across the Atlantic, let us bore … Continued