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Boris Johnson’s resignation: Whitehouse Communications Comments for The Guardian

Boris Johnson’s bid to cling on as Leader of the Conservative Party was doomed, so why did he try? Chris Whitehouse, Chair of Whitehouse Communications, and a prominent political consultant and public affairs lobbyist, explains to national newspaper, The Guardian, why it is sometimes hard for political leaders to resign and move on. Guardian columnist, … Continued

The Future of Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has dodged multiple political bullets, but is he now fatally wounded? Chris Whitehouse, Chair of Whitehouse Communications, and a prominent political consultant and public affairs lobbyist, has been consistent in his view that Boris Johnson would lead the Conservative Party into the next general election. Has his view now changed? ‘When … Continued

Whitehouse Communications discuss: Is it time for Boris Johnson to step down?

Should the Prime Minister stay or should he go now? Whitehouse Communications Chair, Chris Whitehouse, asks whether Boris Johnson has outstayed his welcome at the head of government. Will the cabinet act? Yesterday’s loss by the Conservatives of the Wakefield and the Tiverton and Honiton by-elections to Labour the Liberal Democrats respectively, has seen renewed … Continued

Boris Johnson And The Partygate Scandal

In this week’s edition of Who’s Top, Who’s Not, we discuss the windfall tax U-turn, the new chair of the Environment Committee and of course, the impact of ‘Partygate’ on the PM. WTWN takes a break for parliamentary recess next week but we’ll be back on 10th June.

Labour dallies with Boris Johnson’s cakeism

Here we go again. Having huffed, puffed and sneered now for six months about party-gate, the BBC is at it again, trying to force the resignation of a serving Prime Minister who made the mistake of being in the wrong room at the wrong time with a glass of warm wine and, shock horror, perhaps … Continued

Boris Johnson: he’s still “our” bumbling toff

Boris Johnson will win the next general election for the Conservatives, because one alternative, as it dawns on voters, will strike terror into their hearts. As I predicted previously, and consistently, there is nothing in the results of the local government elections to precipitate the resignation or removal of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. Even … Continued

Douglas Ross withdraws and Boris Johnson bounces back.

Sneering media elite are wrong again I have consistently predicted that Boris would not resign and would not face an imminent leadership crisis, despite the sneering elite of the Westminster media bubble predicting his downfall consistently since last December. On the contrary, I argued that there would be a Boris bounce and so it comes … Continued

Have we reached ‘peak Boris Johnson’? Not yet.

Squealing piglet? As the Russian tanks roll into secessionist parts of Ukraine, Boris Johnson has had a good few days as he rallied Western leaders to the sanctions cause, striding with confidence on the world stage. Like the well-oiled slippery piglet, to which David Cameron once likened him, he has once again escaped from the … Continued

The party might be over for Boris Johnson, but it’s just beginning for the Lib Dems

Lib Dem candidate Helen Morgan won yesterday’s North Shropshire by-election, rounding off a damaging few weeks for Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Morgan won 17,957 votes, ahead of the Conservatives’ Neil Shastri-Hurst, on 12,032 – an astonishing new majority of 5,925. The by-election – sparked by the resignation of disgraced Tory MP Owen Paterson and botched … Continued

Is Boris Johnson teetering on the brink of the political precipice?

The big Tory beasts are biding their time, says Whitehouse Communications Chair, Chris Whitehouse. The BBC loves to big up its “Tory rebellion” stories to suggest that Conservative Party unity is on the brink of a precipice over which Boris Johnson is about to take them to electoral oblivion if he doesn’t concede to the … Continued